Want to know where nowhere is?

Here you go. From our trip through Oregon and Nevada. There’s more nothing out there than I’ve ever seen.

Ducks are cute.

Nature will make everything green, eventually.

The beautiful Oregon Coast. Again.

It doesn’t suck.

Global Faith.

It makes me happy that there’s a ship somewhere out in the world, sailing the seven seas, with the name “Global Faith.”

The view from our last Portland apartment.

It was pretty cool.

Outside Elko, Nevada.

Taken on our trip to Elko in 2009. Lots of our photos include roads. We like going places.

Near the Nehalem River.

This was from camping at Spruce Run, our first camping trip together. It was soggy. I wasn’t yet used to seeing inches of moss on tree trunks. At least we always knew which way was north.

You are wonderful.

I took this about a week after I moved to Portland, without a job, without an apartment and without knowing a soul. I walked by this message and knew I was in the right place.

Camp breakfast.

Rawr! If I ever write a camp cookbook, this will be the cover.

Sunset over Mill Pond.

I don’t think I’ll get tired of this.